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Welcome to GFF- GunFireForever, the Trigun Fansite!!

I hope you like my site!!

Trigun News
6:29:2005- Its been about a year now, and I finally have updated my site. Well truly a downgrade, I took out the clubs and my art pages, because there was not use for them. Yet I am adding somethings in its place, so just hold tight and wait.
9:10:2004-  Im finally updating my site today. Its been a while, and i have to make this site look the best it ever could look. Today i really dont have any news. So ill just update and be gone for today, later.
8:07:2004- The profile page is complete and update will occur but seldomly. The episode guide page is also complete, but the updates on it will come soon. Well I really dont have any news for you today but its ok isnt it? Whatever im going to bed bye!
8:06:2004- Almost complete with my char. profile page, afterwards the episode guide will be made. Today no new Trigun information was found out, but more will be given on the next few days. Im out bye.
8:05:2004-  Still working on the site, half of the character profile page is complete but still having work on it. Today it has been found out that there is a trigun gamebeing made for the PS2 and told about in 2002. The games name is Trigun: The Planet of Gunsmoke. If you wish to find out information on this game search google.
8:04:2004- The day creation began of this site. In other news Trigun is known as one of the most pouplar anime's in america, espically to girls. Adult Swim no longer continues to show Trigun on weekdays, but it does show it every friday and at times depending on your time zone. Thank you for viewing my page!


Trigun fans for life!!